KxS Technologies


KxS Technologies designs and manufactures probably the only hygienic inline optical Brix/Total Solids refractometer on the market with a scalable integration setup for high pressure Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis membrane filtration processes. The members of the process instrumentation team consist of scientists and chemical engineers who invented digital refractometry in the 1980’s, designed in 2000 a renowned mechanical sensor construction, and again 20 years later in 2020 secured the instrumentation supply chain for critical dairy processes with an innovative optical Brix/TS monitor design that was awarded with a Red Dot design award and an EHEDG certificate.

Game changing instrumentation integration solutions have yielded a long-term accurate liquid measurement compared to many competing solutions. The professionals at KxS and its business partners are seen as experts in applying the product to customer needs. The big milestones over the years have been built around knowledgeable responsiveness when collaborating with user clients.

website: https://www.kxstechnologies.com/en/dcm20/

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