Wafilin Systems


Wafilin Systems is a leader in membrane technology, specializing in innovative solutions for the dairy and food industries. We develop innovative membrane filtration systems to address the challenges and demands of our clients. Our success is driven by the fusion of passion, in-depth knowledge, and rich experience within our team of engineers. As 'Masters in Membrains,' we stand ever-ready to provide tailored solutions and effective support to our clients.

Wafilin originated as a company engaged broadly in membrane technology, developing solutions and concepts across various markets. Since 2017, a strategic turnaround has been implemented, focusing specifically on delivering membrane filtration systems and related services in the food and dairy industries through a full-circle approach.

In the food industry, Wafilin has established a significant presence, generating good references and an outstanding reputation in applications such as; sugar, plant-based proteins and animal proteins and beverage. Addressing circular production, changing consumer needs, and embracing technology trends, we continue to contribute to the evolution of this dynamic sector.

Within the dairy industry, Wafilin has secured a notable place, leveraging membranes in various applications such as; Whey protein concentration and isolation and fractionation of milk. Trough optimizing existing processes, expand the production capacity or delivering new membrane plants, we aim to stand out in this sector.

Our Membranes & Service division, provides invaluable support to customers in the food and dairy industries. Through our comprehensive membrane service activities, we don't just offer products but a complete support service focused on ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of membrane installations for our customers.

Wafilin Systems is more than a membrane solutions provider; we are strategic partners contributing to the success and sustainability of our clients. With a focus on growth, innovation, and customer-centric solutions, Wafilin Systems is a reliable partner for the future of membrane applications.

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